The company:

Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Sci-tech Co. Ltd. is a sino-foreign joint venture company that integrates breeding, farming, processing, marketing, and culture promotion. It aquacultures sturgeon - "live fossil in water", produce world famous delicacy – caviar, and promote caviar culture that symbolizes elegant life and graceful taste. At the very beginning of its inception, the company attracted foreign investors who provided solid financial resource and ground work for inheriting the traditional European caviar processing technique as well as exploring the international caviar market. The company's background in Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences provided strong technological support in farming and production, and helped overcoming key technological barriers in sturgeon industry development. Located at "the source of Qiantang River"- Quzhou, the company's processing plant is equipped with certifications to export globally, and with purely manual processing has produced high quality products acclaimed by gourmets all over the world.

General manager’s message:

Bring to China the luxurious experience of high end gastronomy

For a long time, caviar, truffle, and foie gras have been known as the world’s top three gourmet food, and as lustrous as black pearl, caviar has been a symbol of noble lifestyle.
Since the time of Ancient Rome, caviar has been served on aristocrats’ dinner table as a delicacy. But as the wild resource dwindled drastically, sturgeons were listed as endangered species all over the world. For a while, caviar was hard to found even on the highest level French banquet. Answering the quest of food lovers and the call from the market, Kaluga Queen was born. On one hand, we aim at the ecological preserving of sturgeons; on the other hand, we aim to keep the tradition alive by supplying this delicacy food to caviar lovers.
As its economy took off, a group of caviar lovers have been cultivated in China. Bring caviar culture to China, combine it with Chinese cuisine have become a mission of Kaluga Queen. It is our goal that high end food lovers in China could enjoy this rare delicacy just like their peers abroad. Our farm is located in the beautiful thousand island lake. Each sturgeon is nurtured carefully for 7 ~10 years in the clear water of the lake. Each roe is produced with exquisite handwork based on hundreds of years’ tradition. It’s not just an impact of taste, but also a whole new experience.
I believe the Kaluga Queen caviar from the thousand island lake is sure to bring worthy pleasure of luxury to Chinese food lovers.

Message from foreign shareholder:

The prospect of sturgeon aquaculture is infinite

Wild caviar has become more and more rare and expensive as a result of overfishing and industrial pollution. And this trend has sped up with people’s enthusiastic pursuit of caviar.
Meanwhile, it also prompted the modern aquaculture of sturgeon. It’s a pleasant surprise to see the volume of farmed caviar from China has reached 20% of the global output and in two years China shall become the biggest caviar supplier in the world.
The exceptional water quality in the thousand island lake and the solid research and technology strength of Qiandaohu Xunlong company are two reasons of attracting us to make the investment. It has become a common knowledge in the caviar community that high quality caviar can be produced from aquaculture. We believe in the future of sturgeon aquaculture. And we also believe that in the near future, just as red wine, caviar will be accepted and adored by Chinese food lovers.