European quality control system

To ensure the high quality of Kaluga Queen caviar, we do information collection at each step starting from aquaculture. Each batch of fish has an ID and full profile to ensure the completeness of quality traceability system. In here, you can see the record of its life: place of birth, growth environment, feed, physical checkups, etc.
The unique barcode on each exportation tin can help you access all of its farming and processing information. Just log on to our website, input the 9-digit barcode on the tin’s bottom label, and click on “inquiry”,  the information of species, color, roe size, production time, recipe, even name of the processor, is right in front of your eyes. Meanwhile, for each batch of caviar, we send over to national analysis authorities to sample test for micro-organism analysis, physical-chemical analysis, etc. so as to ensure the absolute safety of the product.