Name: Babao sturgeon head
          Main ingredients: a sturgeon head, about 1500g
          Babao ingredients: river shrimp 25g, white fungus 10g, ham 25g, zhusu 10g, pork stomach 25g, bamboo shoot 25g, flowering cabbage 3, Chinese wolfberry 5g, ginger 10g, soup (of pork bone and skin) 1800g  
          Seasoning: salt 5g, gourmet powder 3.5g, pepper powder 1g, yellow wine 15g, oil 50g.
          1.Clean the fish head, marinate with seasonings.
          2.oil the Babao ingredients until cooked.
          3.Cook the fish head for 20 minutes in a high pressure pot, put in soup and boiled Babao ingredients, and put all in a casserole.
          This dish features abundant various nutrition, as well as full bodied taste and rich texture.